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Her-Story: Then & Now


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Did you know that the technology that operates your cell phone was designed by a silver screen goddess in the 1940s? Or, that the first computer programmer was actually the daughter of a racy 18th Century English poet? Actress Kate Mulgrew (internationally known for her role as Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek Voyager™) narrates these and other fascinating tales of women's contributions to science and technology.



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Want to learn what today's women pioneers in science and technology are doing to encourage the next generation? Her-Story: Now explores innovative programs that encourage and assist young women in pursuing education and careers in science, technology and engineering.


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Her-Story: Then was produced by Mary Darcy, and written by Mary Darcy and Marianne Rahn-Erickson. Her-Story: Now was produced by Glenn Busby.

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