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Want to learn what today's women pioneers in science and technology are doing to encourage the next generation? HER-STORY: NOW explores award-winning programs that encourage and assist young women in pursuing education and careers in science, technology and engineering.

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  Mentoring Program Targets Minority Women: Sistahs in Science An innovative program for female African American science students at Mt. Holyoke College in Mt. Holyoke, Massachusetts, offering peer mentoring, tutoring, and workshops to increase academic and career success. Kelly Wilkinson reports. (8:38)
  Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Their Role Models and Mentors Several distinguished women in science share their personal stories of how they came to be in their chosen fields, and the role models that influenced them. Glenn Busby reports. (10:09)
  Empowering Women Students in Engineering: MentorNet MentorNet is a web-based national electronic mentoring network for undergraduate and graduate women students in engineering and science, linking students with industry and research professionals. Allison Dunne reports. (11:32)
  Holding Young Women's Interest in Technology: The Center for Women and Information Technology Mentoring Program The University of Maryland's award-winning program that attracts and keeps young women interested in high-technology and computer science throughout college and beyond. Brian Shields reports. (8:41)
  Community Groups Battle Media Images: The Northwest Girls Collaborative Project This collaboration of several organizations from Washington and Oregon is committed to motivating girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics despite roadblocks created by the media. Phyllis Fletcher reports. (5:05)
  Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the U.S. vs. Europe: How American Educators Are Closing Knowledge Gaps How innovative people and programs in Europe and the U.S. are working to lead more girls and young women into future careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Glenn Busby reports. (9:13)
  Increasing the Number of Women in Mathematics: Professional Women Mathematicians Cultivate Young Women's Interest in Math Careers A look at the current status of women in mathematics and what efforts some women mathematicians are doing to promote interest among girls and young women in pursuing math careers. Jim Horne reports. (10:38)
  Highlighting the Global Need for More Women in Engineering and Technology: The Fourth Annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Missed National Engineers Week? Several of today’s most important women scientists and engineers discuss the topics debated during this week including Girls and Technology: New Educational Opportunities. Glenn Busby reports. (10:15)
  Bridging the Science Gender Gap and Impacting Women's Colleges in the U.S.: The Women's College Coalition Top liberal arts colleges for women are actively seeking to redress the science gender gaps and have formed the Women's College Coalition to network universities across the U.S. to enhance women's educational opportunities. Pat Bradley reports.
  Connecting Young Women With Computer Technology: The Career Women In Information Technology Program Successful women in the information technology industry are mentoring younger women to encourage them to connect with people and computers. Greg Dahlmann reports. (6:26)
  Retaining Women Professors in Science and Engineering Programs: Improving Diversity and Learning Find out how some top colleges are retaining women professors in their science and engineering departments and improving diversity and learning. Allison Dunne reports. (8:04)
  Women in Science: Success Achieved and Next Steps. Pt. 1 Part 1 highlights studies that show the importance of introducing young women and girls to science, math, and technology early on in their education, and the important role of parents. Glenn Busby reports. (13:52)
  Women in Science: Success Achieved and Next Steps. Pt. 2 In part 2, women scientists tell us their own stories, including how they may have been impacted by role models along their academic and professional career paths. Glenn Busby reports. (13:23)


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